Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Appetite can be stopped by pressuring bioactive centers
What we do to achieve the desired weight and harmonious figure. Exhaustion of strict diets and exercise, and by stopping, we accumulate more excess weight.
Moderate exercise and no junk food – this is the secret of wellbeing.
But the partly self-massage can help. In our body are located hundreds of bioactive points, whose stimulation helps to accelerate the metabolism and reducing appetite.

Acupressure or massage is an ancient Chinese practice that is now available to everyone. This cure and pleasant way to combat excess weight helps us to lose weight painlessly and to feel cheerful. Here are the 5 points from which our body switches off appetite!
The points for refusal appetite:
1. Point “Dui – Duan”

It is located in the center between the upper lip and nose. Massage it with circular motion for two minutes – especially when you feel the desire to eat something, to compensate for the stress.
2. Point “Appetite”

Of the ear mussels has about 200 bioactive points whose stimulation improves the performance of all organs and accelerates metabolism. But the famous point of appetite is located before the curvature of the cochlea, to the place where the ear gets to the face. Massage it as often.
3. Point “Tsyuy-chi”

To find it, bend your legs at the elbow and two fingers further down the outer arm gently massage this point. Usually slightly painful. Every day should be encouraged for one minute. Tsyuy chi helps to the work of the intestine.
4. Point “Tsu-san-li”

Greatest number of points for weight loss are present on the legs. Among them is particularly important Tsu-san-li, or “point of longevity.” It is located four fingers below the middle of the knee. It is believed that the impact on it helps to bring down to 500 grams per day.
5. Point “Low-gu”

Located inside leg about three inches above the ankle. Besides massage this point improves the removal of excess weight, but it is useful to overcome the numbness of hands and feet, as well as prickling and tightness in the heart.
Do not overdo it with the massage of the last two points – one minute is sufficient, but must be done every day. If appear unpleasant sensations during the massage, it is better to stop.
source    www.feelhealthylife.com


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