Thursday, January 28, 2016

River rocks and pebbles can be easily obtained from your local dollar or home improvement store. If you ever wondered what you can do with them, read on for some amazing rock craft ideas!

Pretty Pebble Jewelry Hangers

Do you need a place to hang your necklaces, but don't want to have unsightly nails poking out of the wall? Try making these cute pebble hangers to showcase your stylish accessories!

Two-Item Project

This simple project only requires two things: a few small pebbles, and double-sided foam tape. Make sure you select tape that won't damage walls.

Pick A Smooth Side

Make sure the pebbles are lightweight, so they don't slide off the wall! Attach the double-sided tape on a smooth side, then arrange it on the wall in whatever pattern you like.

Hang It Up

By keeping your jewelry visible, you are more likely to remember to wear them!

Cool Stone Bathmat

Do you want to feel like you're at the beach? This homemade stone bathmat can be an awesome addition to a beach inspired bathroom. The hardest part will be picking out the perfect size stones to use for this project. Instructions on how to make your own stone bathmat can be found here.

Choose Porous Rocks

Smooth rocks can be a slippery hazard when wet. So, make sure you choose porous ocean stones or river rocks for this project. You'll want to select stones that are somewhat uniform in size and height, and are flat. Remember, you'll be stepping on this mat after you get out of the shower, so make sure the rocks don't have any sharp edges.

Use A Rubber Mat With Holes

You will also need an outdoor rubber mat, preferably one that has holes or spaces for water drainage. Arrange the rocks on the mat in the exact spot that you want them to be. Once all the rocks are in place, you can start gluing them to the mat. Start at one corner and apply a waterproof silicone seal to the bottom of the rock. Put it back onto the mat, and put pressure on the rock for a few seconds to make sure it stays in place.

Gorgeous Mat

You did it! Go ahead and try it on for size. It's great for massaging your feet!

Glamorous Rock Centerpiece

Gold is a beautiful color that is loved by many. Adding this color to your decor can change it from mundane to glamorous. In this project, you can create a beautiful candle centerpiece with this color.

Gold Paint

This project is as simple as selecting a rock, and spray painting it gold. Make sure you do this part outside. It will dry faster, and you won't inhale the fumes.

Classic Color

Allow the rocks to dry, and arrange in a dish around your favorite candles. These golden "eggs" certainly make the centerpiece look more expensive than it is.

Stone and Cork Trivet

Trivets protect a hot dish from damaging a table, and is usually made of wood or metal. However, you can make your own trivet out of stone, and it's so incredibly easy to create.

A Few Good Stones

You only need three things for this project: black river pebbles, a cork trivet and craft adhesive. Make sure to select pebbles that are flat on both sides. Glue the pebbles to the trivet, starting in the middle and working your way out to the edge of the cork.

How Easy Was That?

After letting it dry for a couple of hours, you have a cute trivet to set a hot teapot onto. Now it's time for that afternoon tea party.


This spring inspired Tic-Tac-Toe uses "insect" rocks instead of X's and O's to bring some fun back into the game.

Bumble Bees And Ladybugs

If you have a dollar store nearby, it's a great place to grab some cheap river rocks. Use black, yellow and red paint to create bumble bee and lady bug rocks. It may take a few coats of paint to get the right color, but after it dries the bugs are ready to play with it! A nature inspired object, such as this rock stump, makes a great "board" to use for this game.

Rocky Bucket

This coastal inspired bucket uses river rocks to create cool textures on an otherwise plain metal pail. Plus, this project is simple to make.

Metal Bucket

Apply a thick layer of mortar to the outside of a strong bucket. Flimsy buckets won't hold its shape and can cause the mortar and grout to crack. It also helps to turn the bucket upside down, as you can touch the bottom of the bucket to hold it in place as you apply the mortar.

River Rock Tiles

Next, apply mesh tile of river rocks to the still wet mortar. River rock mesh tile is different than individual river rocks - the rocks are already adhered to squares of tile. It makes it easy to apply a large section of rocks at once.

Almost There

Allow the mortar to set for a day. Then apply grout with a putty knife, and remove the excess with a sponge.

Unique Planter

This rock bucket planter is a great focal point for the garden, and is sure to spark some conversation with guests.

Painted Garden Markers

There are plenty of plain and boring ways to identify your herbs and plants. However, if you want to add some pizzazz to your garden, try making these fun garden markers.

Use Your Imagination

You don't need to be an artist to make these cute rock markers. If you can hold a paintbrush and create a few circles, you're good to go. If you want to make this project, the instructions can be found here.

Cute And Colorful

Patio Paint works best for this project, as the paint lasts through rain and other weathering elements. Use a sharpie or DecoArt glass paint markers to write the names of the herbs. You might even be inspired to plant new herbs just because you already made a rock marker for it!

DIY Rain Chain

A rain chain is a decorative piece that can be used to replace unsightly drain spouts outside your home. It makes for a beautiful display when rain water drains from the top of your roof. Popular in Japan, it's now making its way to the USA. A tutorial can be found here.

Wire Rock Baskets

Start by wrapping pieces of thin wire around the rocks. This creates a "basket" to hold them in place.

Create The Chains

Next, wrap a large piece of wire around the rock to create the loop "chains" on both sides of the rock.

Visual Appeal

This river chain is great eye candy when rain or water flows down the chain. It's like a rock chain waterfall!

A Rock Star Ending

Rocks aren't just for landscaping! Who knew you could make such cool things from simple rocks? From spa-like bathmats to amazing rain chains, the possibilities for using rocks in crafts are endless.


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