Thursday, January 28, 2016

It's 1688: The Thirty Years' War with its bloody combats happened four decades ago. Just a mere 5 years earlier, we saw the end of the Second Siege on Vienna with the Turks (Thanks for the coffee!). And a certain Isaac Newton presented his major work thePrincipia Mathematica, the basis of the modern natural sciences, to the world. 
There was however,  something else that occurred in 1688: In Cornwall, England, THIS house was built. When you take a look inside, you won't believe your eyes!
Welcome to the beautiful Cornwall! Where you're almost always greeted by the sunshine.
Here is what this beauty looks like from the outside. These English cottages are typical of the area.
Just as typical is this particularity: tiny windows, thick walls and low ceilings. This all makes for a uniquely cosy atmosphere.
The true highlights however, first show themselves when you step inside. The owners have decided on look, which is a mix of country home with some modern elements.
With a fireplace of course! Isn't this great?
Even in the kitchen, every wish has been filled. A classic look fitted out with modern appliances.
Then you open the door to the terrace and are astounded, again:
There you will find an amazingly comfortable outdoor seat. Perfect for breakfast in the sun!
The bathroom is also lacking nothing. The cast iron bathtub is definitely the star here.
Upstairs there are two more rooms: One for the children ...
... and of course, the adults' bedroom. Heavenly, right?
And, when the sun slowly disappears behind the horizon, and the lights inside get switched on, ...
... it's a really warm, homely feeling. So, would you risk taking a look?
Isn't this house just a dream? Actually you really pack your suitcase right away and see it for yourself. The best is yet to come: you can rent this historical building! Here you can find more details. Even if you don't stay here, Cornwall is always a holiday-worthy destination.
Until then, we can continue to feed our holiday yearning with photos. Show all your friends, and share this little holiday secret with all of them!



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