Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Many kitchen items either get tossed or donated after they are worn out. Instead of getting rid of them, try some of these creative ideas to repurpose old stuff!

Spoon Me

A set of matching utensils is hard to keep. Try using your mismatched spoons to create this spoon and pallet wood rack with instructions from Fox Hollow Cottage.

A Grate Solution

A child's playroom can get very messy if you don't have fun ways to keep it organized. This cheese grater pencil holder is a fun and rustic addition to any playroom! 

Another Grate Idea

If you have another cheese grater around, try making this earring display. All it takes is a cheese grater and your favorite color paint!

 A Cheesy Light

If you're not a wine drinker, you can fashion your chandelier with cheese graters! This is a fun project for any DIYer.

Buckets of Light

Rustic charm is a huge trend right now in home decor. Instead of spending a ton of money to get the look, try creating these galvanized bucket lamps to hang in your home. Find all of the steps on Home Talk.

Coffee Talk

The traditional coffee pot is slowly being replaced by single-serve machines. This succulent terrarium is a creative and gorgeous use for your old glass pot! 

Let Them Eat Cake

Cake stands are a fun way to display your confectionary creations! Make your own customized stand with just a candlestick and saucer. 

Planting The Teapot

Teapots are always bright and colorful! Why not add even more color and use them for planters? They'll look great and save money on new pots. 

Whisky Business

This whimsical idea is great for a dinner party! Hang the whisks from the ceiling and place tea light candles inside each one for nice mood lighting.

Ladled Candles 

If you don't have the whisks on hand, try using soup ladles to hold small candles! 

Spoons In The Garden

Garden markers can sometimes be pricey and get worn out easily. Domestic Simplicityprovides a great DIY project to create your own using old spoons! 

Rolling Away

Overtime, rolling pins get too dingy to use in the kitchen. Cut the pins in half and mount them onto reclaimed wood for rustic wall hooks! Perfect for hanging up aprons or dish towels.

Tissues From A Jar

Mason jars look great in any home! This DIY project from The Happy Housewife provides easy steps to make your own rustic tissue holder.

Mason Lights

Mason jars also provide a great base for a chandelier! Follow the steps on Woon Blog to create your own. 

Forked And Hooked 

Old forks and spoons can be turned into perfect hooks! The project from Snap Guide requires some time, but it leads to amazing results. This one of a kind piece will have everyone asking how you made it! 

Tea Candles

Vintage teacups are dainty and adorable! Turning them into candles is a great way to get more use of the cups. After following a few simple steps, you will have your very own!

Tiny Planters

Teacups can also be used as succulent mini-pots! These make great gifts for the friend that seems to have everything. 

Vintage Lighting

This idea will leave you with a one-of-a-kind light fixture! Using a colander and a few simple steps, you can add some vintage flair to your home. Find out how to make the fixture here

Rolling Towels

Kitchen towel bars take on new life with this DIY project. Using a rolling pin and hardware, this great idea was put into action! 

Starburst Mirror

Starburst mirrors add life to any room! This idea takes a new spin on the classic starburst by using forks and spoons. Find out how to make your own on Flamingo Toes. 

Wine Not? 

Wine bottles have long been a great decor item for the home! This project from DIY Network takes it one step further to create a wine bottle chandelier.

A DIY World

It may seem easier to go out and buy new decor instead of creating your own. However, the sense of accomplishment that accompanies a DIY project is well worth it! Get creative and fill your home with original pieces that are fun to make! 


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