Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Traditionally parties have the same set up. You have your food, you have the balloons, the cake and so on - but instead of going the traditional route change things up for your next party by using balloons in a whole new way. These ideas are simple and adorable!

Make balloons more fun

Paint ordinary foam balls different colors, thread them together with a needle and string, add a dot of hot glue to each end (once positioned where you want them on the string) and that's it! Doesn't it add so much more to ordinary balloons? Get more details here.


Light it up with LED

Buy LED accessories from the local Dollar Store. In this case LED keychains were purchased to insert into each balloon. Before filling the balloon with helium turn on the LED light and insert it into the balloon. Blow them up and watch them light up in magnificent colors.

"We all scream for ice cream!"

This adorably easy ice cream cone template and instructions can be found here. Simply cut it out, staple the shape closed and thread the balloon string in between the cone.

Place stickers on them

Add names or phrases to balloons to make them even more special.

Add some confetti to it!

Cut confetti into triangle shapes, insert the pieces into a clear balloon and blow it up and shake it around to spread the confetti throughout the inside of the balloon.

Add tassel fringe to the string.

Use tassel fringe to decorate the balloon string and turn it from plain and boring to festive and fun. 

Wrap some lovely tulle around it.

The simple addition of tulle around a ballon can make a drastic difference. After covering it, decorate the bottom of the balloon with flowers for a dainty and chic presentation.
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Simple Balloon Garland

Using a needle and thread, string balloons into a garland by inserting the needle into the outer knot of the balloon. Careful though, don't accidentally pop your balloon.

Personalize with pom poms

Add a few colored pom poms to balloons for a fresh new look.

Don't overlook the string

Wrap flowers around the balloon string for a unique and different look to help set it apart.

Balloon Flowers

Give balloons a flower shape by tying them together in a way that really isn't difficult at all. For full details, visit here.

Lollipops for everyone!

Cover the outside of a balloon with cellophane and use a wrapping paper tube stick to insert the balloon string within it. Find out more details here.

Add some streamers to the ends.

The quick addition of streamers can instantly revamp your plain balloons and make them more fun.

No helium? No problem!

Are you in a pinch and unable to get helium to fill up your balloons? If so just tape them to the ceiling and hang them by their string at various lengths.

Honeycomb String

Use 1 inch and 5 inch mini honeycombs to attach around the balloon string using adhesive. Work your way from the bottom up and stack each honeycomb on top of one another.

Sparkly Balloons

Cover up the bottom half of a balloon with mod podge, add some glitter to it and let dry. These are perfect for any girls birthday party.

Hot Air Balloon

This adorable hot air balloon is so easy to make! If you don't have helium, use a clear straw to keep the balloon propped up. Use two pieces of ribbon to give it the hot air balloon effect. One ribbon will go from one side of the balloon to the opposite end and the other ribbon will go over it in a criss cross fashion. Learn more details here.
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Try something new!

Give your ordinary balloons a style change for your next event or party. It'll add so much more to your party atmosphere and everyone will surely notice your simple additions.


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