Saturday, March 12, 2016

Some antioxidants who are members of the chlorine genic acid group which can also be found in several fruits are present in the coffee.
Several chronic conditions including colon cancer can be averted by the coffee, this is scientifically proved.
But coffee also has several side effects and can cause several reactions which are harmful for our organism and this can happen if you take your coffee on empty stomach.
The release of hydrochloric acid will happen within your digestive tract if you consume it on before meal. This acid is knowable for crashing down the food inside the stomach.
Difficulties in decomposing proteins and digestive problems will start appearing after taking heavy meals.

As I said before, the decomposing of proteins will appear and therefore intestinal inflammation, irritation, bloating and of course colon cancer will appear as complications if they are not completely broken.
If the coffee is taken on empty stomach, the levels of cortisol will be raised in fast rate and the body will not be able to normalize it so that is why many experts are against taking coffee on empty stomach.
You probably do not know what cortisol is, so it is actually a hormone that regulates our biological clock and our ability to stay awake. After consuming, the levels of gastric acid will be increased and result in bloating or vomiting.
You should consider eating something before taking coffee and consume it one hour after waking.
If you practice this kind of taking coffee before meals for many years and you cannot wait and want that kind of flavor to be the first thing in your mouth, add some butter or milk in it to reduce the harmful effects.


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