Saturday, March 12, 2016

You can have a great body shape with these six exercises without you running or jogging.
Did I here you say -- what?!
Yes, that’s right there are other exercises you can adopt that will help tone your body shape in no time at all.
So if you are not too keen on jogging or running to tone your body shape you might want to stick around and know what these six exercises are.
The Magical six!
1. Mountain Climbing
Yep! Mountain climbing will engage your entire body. From your brain to your limbs you will really give your whole body a work out. You will increase blood circulation and will really tone up your core, arms and leg muscles.
2. Jump Rope Exercises
If you want to burn calories, increase stamina and give your heart a good work out then you should try skipping. You will increase blood circulation and give your cardiovascular system a good run out.
3. Do The High Knee Sprints
You can do the high knee sprint which is like running really fast but remaining stationary and you will burn lots of calories in the process. Your heart rate will be accelerated at a level that is even more than when you actually jog or run. While doing this exercise you may like to increase your speed rather than maintaining a single pace.
4. Take To Burpees
You will really activate your entire body system when you try burpees. You will boost your stamina and you will give your central body area a good work out. Burpees is akin to doing up-downs only with an added angle of a jump.
You can speed up your exercise after a couple of sets. It is recommended that you try about a 100 burpees daily for best results and within seven days you will notice a great difference in your body tone.
5. Do The Long Jumps
Now you will need quite some space for this to be effective so try going outdoors for this exercise. You will need to jump really far as far as possible.  You will ensure that your feet us firmly secure on the floor before you attempt to jump as far off as possible. Try doing 10-20 jumps daily if possible. With long jumps you will improve your balance and coordination; you will also strengthen your entire body and give your lower body a good tone in the process.
6. Try The Tuck Jumps
You can do this exercise at home as you don’t need that much space. It is effective for boosting your stamina and burning those unwanted calories. Just extended your arms to your front and when you jump up try pulling your knees upwards and try to touch your knees with your hands. Attempt as many jumps as you can and watch the amazing results from it.


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