Thursday, March 3, 2016

We are used to fairy tales and happy endings where the prince meets the princess or a knight in shining armor rescues a damsel in distress; in both cases the couples look great and perfect for each other. But every now and then we get stories of impossible unions between  physically and/or socially mismatched couples. Because “Love isn’t truly blind, it sees but it doesn’t mind” and it is proven by couple Elo and Mara, a dwarf and Cinderella in a sense.
Elo and Mara’s love story is totally one of a kind as it showed that “love knows no boundaries.” Several years ago their wedding video went viral online and it is by far one of the most touching wedding footage I’ve ever seen.
Their courtship was sealed with a fairy tale wedding, a gorgeous wedding I bet most of us girls can only dream of.
It’s so magical that it’ll move you to tears especially when the couple started taking their vows.
Elo said, “You know, I had a lot of questions for God. Why? Why me? I didn’t get the answers then, but now that you’re in front of me, I realize that you are the answer to all of my questions…to all my prayers… and much, much more. Who would have known that an imperfect Elo, would be chosen by a perfect Mara. Thank you Lord.”
Mara replied, “I will love you, forever as the day more. Nothing is more important for me than our love for each other. And I feel so bless and grateful, that you loved me despite my imperfections, always seeing the gold in me even if I reflect silver. I believe I’m the helpmate God’s design especially for you. And I promise to be the arms that you need to reach your star, and the legs that you need to take too big steps. My arms and legs are made to be the extension of yours.”
From the video you can see and feel the support of everyone attending. Surprisingly we also feel the warmth emanating from the couple.
Yes, this is for real folks and make a few of us envious especially those men who think they should be with her instead of Elo.
But you know in this story, the little guy gets the perfect girl.
As Mara aptly puts it, “Love is a choice.” She chose to be with Elo, regardless of who and what he is.

Watch the touching video:

They lasted past their wedding and their marriage has been blessed with a beautiful little boy called Liam.
Perhaps their example will make some of us look beyond the superficial and the shallow and look for more substance and truth. Albert Einstein said, “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.”


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