Thursday, March 3, 2016

It's human nature to avoid the overripe, blackening banana in the bunch. But many people don't know older bananas actually pack in more nutrients and health benefits than perfectly ripened ones!

Unappealing Outside, Nutrient-Packed Inside

With all of the hype surrounding "superfruits" like açaí berries, avocados and dragonfruit, one of the most important daily fruit staples, the banana, is often overlooked. Bananas are also considered a superfruit and are a great source for a number of things our bodies crave like nutrients, fiber and natural sugars.
One of the major downsides of bananas is the super short shelf life, or so we thought! Overripe bananas actually carry more Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF), a cancer-fighting substance that helps your body protect itself from developing abnormal or infected cells. In a nutshell, TNF helps you ward off infections and provides your body other important health benefits, like these:
  • Boost Your Energy: The nutrients in an overripe banana can pack enough energy to keep you on your feet for an hour! Glycemic carbohydrates (good carbs), vitamins and minerals all come together to provide you with lasting endurance, while the potassium in the banana is working to prevent muscle cramps before they even happen!
  • Calm Your Nerves & Halt PMS Symptoms: When you're fed up with the world and your mind just needs a break, try snacking on a spotted banana. They are packed with B vitamins, which work to calm the nervous system and can improve your mood in minutes.
  • Ease Your Heartburn: It's no secret that bananas' antacid-like properties can provide fast relief from miserable heartburn and acid reflux symptoms. Try it next time you're starting to feel the burn.
  • Food-Driven Thermostat: A lesser-known fact is that chowing down on a banana can help you cool off on the hottest of summer days, or when you're suffering from a low-grade fever!
  • Lower Your Blood Pressure: Did you know that black-spotted bananas can help lower blood pressure and help prevent stroke or heart attack from occurring? Since they're low in sodium, but high in potassium, it's the perfect heart-healthy treat.
  • Fight Against Anemia: Get a good dose of your recommended dietary iron with a healthy black-spotted banana snack.
  • Soothe Your Ulcers: If you have stomach ulcers, then you know that the majority of food in the house and on the menu are not an option. But a banana's soft texture actually coats your stomach lining and helps protect it against acids in the future!
  • Battle Depression: Bananas are stuffed to the brim with tryptophan, a chemical our bodies can convert into serotonin in the blink of an eye. Serotonin is something that triggers our brains into becoming more relaxed, happy and willing to "go with the flow."
  • Loosen Your Pipes: If you are suffering from constipation, snack on a couple of spotted bananas. The natural fiber packed in them will help get things moving in no time!
If none of these are reason enough for you to chomp down overripe bananas, you can always include them in delicious recipes, like this yummy banana bread!

Learn even more about black-spotted bananas, here!

Don't Shy Away From The Spots

Even though they may look funky, black-spotted bananas are great for your mind, body and spirit! Don't let looks deceive you.


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