Monday, April 25, 2016

Apple cider vinegar is created quite simply, as this process includes the fermentation of pressed apple juice and its conversion into vinegar.
For best results, use organic apples in this procedure, which will not be filtered, pasteurized or heated, to avoid the loss of the base or the “mother’.
Namely, the ‘mother ingredients’ remain on the bottom of the bottle or the jar as a cloudy string. And this is how it should be in fact, as this string contains numerous useful compounds and elements in apple cider vinegar, including minerals, pectin and enzymes. Before use, you can shake the bottle and the string will disappear.
This miraculous liquid is extremely beneficial, as it is rich in nutrients and has innumerate favorable qualities. Due to that, it has a wide range of uses.
Today, we will reveal its 10 most common and popular qualities:
  1. Improves the digestion process
You can significantly enhance your digestion by consuming the combination of apple cider vinegar and water. All you need to do is to add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a larger glass of water. Drink it 15 minutes before meals. This combination will aid your digestive system to dissolve all needed nutrients more efficiently.
Moreover, you should use unpasteurized, raw vinegar, as the filtered kind lacks numerous enzymes and useful nutrients.  The raw apple cider vinegar is rich in healthy beneficial minerals like malic acid, pectin, amino acids, enzymes, acetic acid, and many others. Hence, you will significantly boost your digestion by regularly consuming this amazing liquid before meals.
  1. Strengthens and stimulates the immune system
The immune system largely depends on the condition of the intestinal flora, so it can be strengthened by the development of positive bacteria.
The malic acid apple cider vinegar has powerful antiviral properties, so it can successfully prevent common diseases like the cold. Also, the consumption of apple cider vinegar can eliminate excess mucus in the body, it will relieve allergies and cleanse the lymphatic system.
  1. It eliminates heartburn, constipation and other intestinal problems
A heartburn can be caused by a low stomach acid condition, and apple cider vinegar mixed with water can normalize it. Yet, due to its strong acidity, apple cider vinegar should not be consumed undiluted in the case of a low ulcer problems and chronic heartburn.
Furthermore, the pectin in the vinegar is a rich source of fiber which can reduce stomach gasses and cramps, and can have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Apple cider vinegar is also used to treat constipation, as it can act as a mild laxative.
  1. Kills intestinal bacteria and prevents Candida
Apple cider vinegar contains powerful compounds which aid in the conditioning of the intestinal flora, like acetic and malic acids. These also control infections like candida fungus which affects the intestines, due to their antimicrobial, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.
  1. Reduces high blood pressure
Some animal studies have provided evidence that the raw and organic apple cider vinegar can help in the case of high blood pressure. This is due to the fact that vinegar triggers the production of nitric oxide, and thus relaxes blood vessels.
  1. Regulates blood sugar levels
The acetic acid is the main reason for the deceleration of the digestion of simple carbohydrates in the body, which leads to low blood sugar levels.
Apple cider vinegar promotes and improves the natural secretion of insulin. Furthermore, studies showed that it also has an anti – glycemic effect, meaning that it can prevent sensitivity and diabetes in the case of high insulin- resistant patients.
  1. Eliminates bad breath
Due to the antibacterial properties of the malic and acetic acid, they kill dangerous bacteria which cause bad breath. So, all you have to do is to gargle the water- apple cider vinegar mix in the mouth and it will eliminate bad breath in less than half a minute.
  1. Body cleansing and detoxifying
Apple cider vinegar is the main ingredient of numerous detox methods, due to its remarkable cleansing properties. Therefore, in order to regularly eliminate toxins from your body, you should consume a large glass of water mixed with apple cider vinegar before every meal.   .
  1. Improves the skin
Apple cider vinegar regulates the pH levels in the skin and eliminate acne and many other skin issues.
  1. Promotes weight loss
Apart from its detoxifying properties, the acetic acid in apple cider vinegar can melt all excess pounds in the body. Moreover, apple cider vinegar inhibits the fat and lipid accumulation and suppresses appetite.
All in all, we can say that the consumption of a glass of water mixed with apple cider vinegar can provide numerous important health benefits and can cause some quite important changes. So, it is simple to quickly improve your life, and you know how to do it!


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