Thursday, April 28, 2016

That Number On Your Fruit Is Much More Important Than Most People Realize… Here’s What It Means.
With all the different kinds labels you see on your food, it’s sometimes hard to know exactly what you’re really getting. Some say “natural” while others might say “organic.” It can be a real challenge.
But there’s still a way that you can accurately gauge where you produce comes from – and just how it was grown.
You’ve probably noticed these stickers before, but how many people really know what they mean?
They’re called PLU codes, which stands for “product look-up.” If there are only 4 numbers on your sticker, this means you fruit was conventionally grown with the use of pesticides.
If there are five numbers on your sticker and they begin with the number 8, that fruit has been genetically modified.
If there are five numbers and they begin with the number 9 that means your fruit was grown organically.
If your fruit doesn’t have a PLU code, eat at your own peril! 
I’ve always wondered what those numbers mean. This is going to make me a much smarter shopper when it comes to picking my produce!

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