Thursday, April 28, 2016

I’ve never read such a shocking story in my life! If you’re not a reader then just scroll down and watch the video, but I guarantee you’ll be curious enough to read it. Enjoy.
Viral Stories Reports: 
The “maiden” Inca girl in this video died at the age of fifteen. Herfrozen and entombed body was discovered in 1999 on one of the volcanoes in Argentina. As you see the body is well preserved even if she died five centuries ago.
The last time I was stunned when I heard about Jean Hillard story. This lady collapsed in snow for six hours but I was really surprised when she came out of it alive.  In this case, our story is somehow different from Hilliard’s’ story.
This lady had been chosen as a sacrifice to the gods by the people from her community. At that time children used to be sacrificed at the mountain tops after being fed with coca leaves and intoxicating drinks at the burial place. After being poisoned, the priest would leave them to freeze until they die or kill them.
This girl had been sedated using coca leaves before she died. When her body was found, this girl had some bacterial infection that resembles TB when she died. Some individual think that this bacteria can help fight new diseases. This is really fascinating!
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