Wednesday, May 4, 2016

There’s A Way People Can See Every Photo You’ve Ever Liked On Facebook, Vice Versa. Follow The Steps And You Can Find Out How This Works..
As far as free websites go, Facebook is king. Which is quite cool, seeing as most trends only last for a couple months or years. And to think, Mark Zuckerberg was only a college student when he decided to build a website that would influence millions of people around the world. Did he need computer business software to do it? Hardly. It was merely an idea which he had that materialised and eventually, he got other people to do the dirty work for him – living the dream, I’d say.
What are the implications of Facebook being such a major website worldwide? For one, I’m sure computer software sales increased as people tried to keep up with the technological times and tried to beat Zuckerberg at his own game. Or perhaps they began researching online schools for IT degrees in order to be a successful entrepreneur like Zuckerberg. But for the average Facebook user like myself, we basically just increased our internet time by like a zillion hours due to the addiction that Facebook causes. Over the page, read about the new development that’s been made on Facebook.
While we’re on Facebook, innocently “liking” our friend’s or partner’s statuses, pictures, videos and more, we don’t realise that basically everything we do online is never forgotten (OK, maybe some of it is, I’m not a pro in computer business software regardless of how many hours I spend on my personal desktop computer).
However, the big news is that it’s now possible to see every single thing that we’ve ever “liked” on Facebook. I know that doesn’t sound like big news, but think back to the things that you “liked” when you were dating Mary, Paul, James or Allison? That may cause a bit of conflict in your current relationship, no?

Adversely, if you’d like to see what your partner has been up to in the last five years, you don’t need to hire a top private investigators because Facebook has made it that easy for you to do it all yourself. A simple search in the Facebook search bar of “photos liked by” gives you all the options that you’ll ever need.


So perhaps you’re freaking out wondering what could be done to prevent your current partner from seeing all of your “likes” since the beginning of time. The only options, I’m afraid, are to either deactivate your account or to frantically “unlike” everything. What an absolute bother.
I can imagine quite a few Becky’s and Janice’s around the world saying things like, “Who the eff is this Molly chick and why have you “liked” 55 of her Facebook photos?” Or perhaps, “This “John” fella better keep his hands off my girl!” For that reason, I am happy to be single.
Facebook never used to be like this though. In fact, it was just a simple tool to communicate with friends and family. But just as technology progresses, so does social media. In the video below, see how Facebook has changed over time.
What’s next? Will Facebook be showing us our past relationships as a memory? Or maybe it’ll make a collage of all the women or men that you’ve ever dated, causing more havoc. In that case, best brush up on your knowledge of injury lawyers because I foresee a whole lot of drama.



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