Saturday, July 16, 2016

Liz was the typical role model back when she was in high school. She was beautiful, she had good grades, and she was popular. When she was given a car, her mother would occasionally ask her if she would text and drive, and she said, “I swear I don’t.”
What her mother didn’t know, is that Liz was addicted to using her cellphone. She would post pictures of herself from time to time, update her status, and text people while she was doing something, including driving.

One day, while Liz was on the wheel, her mother messaged her. This prompted Liz to open her phone while she was driving. She then met a car accident that would change her life forever.
Liz lost sight in her left eye, can no longer hear right, cannot smell, and is having a hard time talking normally. Liz lost something more dear to her: her friends. One by one, her friends left her, getting tired of her problems, for she was no longer popular. Would you call them friends? I wouldn’t.
It may be too late for Liz to realize what dangers there are to texting while driving, but let this serve as a warning to other people out there: Don’t text while driving, it’s not worth it.



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