Saturday, July 9, 2016

This is the scary moment when a toddler suddenly falls out of the back of a van onto a busy highway full of huge vehicles. The incident happened near Wujiang, Jiangsu province and was captured in a dashboard camera.

The insane footage shows the exact moment the young lad tumbles out of the van as soon as the traffic light turns green.child lost 2
The child tried his best to run after the vehicle, but the van disappeared instantly, leaving the poor kid wandering on the dangerous road.falling_kid
Fortunately, the people in the car behind followed the child and took him to safety. Eventually, the grandfather of the 2-year-old kid, Yang Defu, realized what happened and hurried back to look for the lost child.
The child’s savior named Du Xiuli, a warehouse manager immediately returned the toddler to his worried grandfather.child 4
Du Xiuli was then honored in a ceremony for her heroic act, but insists ‘that it is what any mother would do.’falling_kid3

Watch the freaky incident:

Apparently, according to Yang, the grandfather, the van‘s back door had been malfunctioning after the previous collision, as a result, it occasionally and randomly opens on its own. He also said that, his grandchild had climbed over the back seat when the freaky incident happened.
Via: Shanghaiist 


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