Monday, September 26, 2016

A happy couple starting their life together, Nicole and Ernie Nunez had a baby girl, Amylea, and were looking forward to starting a new chapter in their lives.
Sadly, “About a day after we went home from delivery is when she had her first seizure,” Nicole said. “She has a rare form of epilepsy. They don’t know exactly the type.”
Since then, the couple has tried almost everything to treat their daughter.  The problem was, the doctors in their town of Albuquerque, New Mexico could not find the cause of the seizures, so they did not know how to treat her.  In search of answers, the family went to Colorado.
Doctors in Colorado tried many treatment options and drugs that were not working or had dangerous side effects.  Ernie decided to try cannabis oil, which is legal in Colorado, because, as he states, “The medication she’s on is hard for her liver, and so we’re trying to do something different that’s not so bad on her body”.

There have been multiple cases where children have had various ailments alleviated by cannabis oil and the Nunez family wanted to try it out.  They had heard the story of a little girl named Charlotte, who was also having seizures, and had made a miraculous recovery thanks to a certain strain of cannabis oil that was dubbed Charlotte’s Web.
“I sat for a good three weeks fighting with the doctors and trying to talk them into giving me the okay,” Nicole said. “I’ve been working with the case study team and the neurology team here at children’s and I’m hopeful this will work.”
And now, just this week, doctors decided to try to treat little Amylea with cannabis oil.  “For us to get the approval for us to administer it while she in the NICU while she’s a patient…it’s kind of like a miracle,” Nicole said. “Because they were completely against it saying, ‘No you can’t do it, you have to wait until she’s an out-patient.”
In light of these successful treatments, Activist Post makes a great point, “When the same amazing plant that has cured cancer, saved the lives of epileptic children, and treated countless others, is being used in a hospital in one state, while being the cause for kidnapping and imprisonment by police in another state, something must be done.”
Please visit Amylea’s GoFundMe page and consider donating to show your support.

This article originally appeared on homehealthcareinc.


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