Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The reptile seemed to reach for her head before the toddler gave it a hug.
Most parents are scared to have animals around their babies—thinking the pets might harm them or do something unexpected. But many experts say it is better for children to grow up with pets. With this, children become more responsible, loving, and caring.
While many families take in dogs and cats, this family has an 8-foot python living in their home. Though many parents wouldn’t allow their children near these dangerous pets, the child’s parent reassures the public that their pet python is quite safer than many dogs and cats.

YouTube user Edness Taoka says: “Our daughter has been interacting with these animals since she was 2 years old and has the understanding to be gentle and slow around them.”
While many parents would consider cats and dogs safer, Edness claims their pet python is as gentle as any pet, and hasn’t harmed them—not even once.
Edness added: “Our family cat has bitten and scratched us hundreds of times (drawing blood) yet we have not been bitten once by either of our reticulated pythons. Good husbandry and handling practices make this possible.”

 source  H/T TNP


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