Friday, November 25, 2016

Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and aesthetic discipline, which includes simple meditation, breath control, and specific body postures. Many people from all around the world practice yoga for health and relaxation.

Yoga Benefits

1. Physical Benefits

Yoga exercises provide plenty of benefits for the overall health and body condition. Yoga can relieve pain, improve flexibility, enhance muscle strength, promote a healthy respiratory system, boost energy and vitality, balance metabolism, help in weight loss, improve heart health, and protect from injury.

2. Mental Benefits

Furthermore, besides the physical benefits, yoga offers various mental benefits as well. It has a relaxing and soothing effect on the mind and improves the function of the parasympathetic nervous system. By doing so, yoga stimulates relaxation and stress elimination. It is also beneficial in treating some mental issues like memory loss, anxiety,  and depression.

What are Mudras?

Mudras are hand and finger gestures which are used during meditation or yoga breathing exercises. However, they involve the whole body, not only the hands and fingers. They stimulate different brain areas and also control the flow of energy in the body. Moreover, in the esoteric context, each finger represents one natural element, that is the fire, air, earth, water, and ether (space).

8 Mudras to Treat Anxiety, Depression, and Migraines

1. Gyan Mudra – Mudra of Knowledge

This mudra improves knowledge, concentration, and memory because it stimulates the pituitary and endocrine gland. You can practice it sitting, lying down, or standing, but is most beneficial in the morning.
Instructions: Touch the tip of your thumb with the tip of your index finger. Your other fingers may be either stretched or slightly bent.

2. Vayu Mudra – Mudra of Air

The mudra of air is beneficial for treating arthritis, gout, rheumatic conditions, Parkinson’s disease, cervical syndrome, and paralysis. You should practice this mudra daily for 45 seconds, at any time of the day, so that you can relieve any kind of pain.
Instructions: Bend your index finger and place your base of the thumb against its bone close to the tip of the finger, and slightly press the index finger with the thumb. Stretch your other fingers as much as possible.

3. Prithvi Mudra – Mudra of Earth

This mudra relieves weakness and improves circulation and digestion, and thus it treats stress and exhaustion. The preferable time to practice it is in the morning, but you can also perform it at any time of the day.
Instructions: Place the tips of your thumb and ring finger together. Press them while you stretch your other fingers.

4. Agni Mudra – Mudra of Fire

The mudra of fire treats anxiety, weight issues, and digestion issues, and stimulates the activity of the thyroid gland. Perform this mudra on an empty stomach in the morning.
Instructions: Bend your ring finger and place the base of the thumb on its second bone. The other three fingers should be stretched.

5. Varun Mudra – Mudra of Water

Varun mudra is especially beneficial in regulating blood fluids. It also promotes healthy skin by moisturizing it and makes it glow. Practice it in a sitting position whenever you prefer.. Also, asthma patients should not practice this mudra.
Instructions: Touch the tips of your little finger and thumb, but do not press the nail of the little finger in order to avoid dehydration. Stretch the other fingers.

6. Shunya Mudra – Mudra of Emptiness

People who suffer from an earache, or have hearing issues should practice this mudra and concentrate only on the earache. As soon as the ache disappears, you should stop performing this mudra.
Instructions: Put your thumb over your bent middle finger and stretch the others as much as possible.

7. Prana Mudra – Mudra of Life

This mudra provides a balance of the body’s energy, boosts the immune system, and revitalizes the body. It is extremely beneficial for treating vision issues, hunger pangs, and insomnia. Practice it regularly at any time of the day in order to feel more active and energized.
Instructions: Touch the tip of your thumb with the tips of your ring and little finger, and stretch the other two fingers.

8. Apanu Vaya Mudra – Mudra of Heart

The Apanu Vaya mudra is beneficial for the heart as it strengthens it. It is very useful for people who have suffered a heart attack. Practice this mudra on a daily basis for 15 minutes.
Instructions: Touch the tips of your middle and ring finger with the tip of your thumb. Stretch the little finger, while the index finger touches and is slightly pressing the base of the thumb.


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