Monday, January 30, 2017

It’s often said that it is very easy to fall in love, but love is not that simple. Yes, there are the beautiful parts of romance, going out to nice dinners, enjoying the fun things life has to offer. But love is so much deeper and complex than what Hollywood movies portray.
It can seem a daunting task to know if your partner is really in love with you. Love means different things for everyone. Nonetheless, there are very strong signs and actions that reveal whether your partner is in love with you as opposed to having a crush or just in lust.
#1. Displaying the love.
Your true love will always have a reason for reaching out to hold your hand, stroke your back or simply lean over to give you a kiss.
#2. Sharing memories.
When your partner remembers something you guys did in the past like going to a baseball game, a movie or even a drive, means he has strong ties to the experiences you both shared.
#3. He likes to spend time with you.
We all have busy lives with work, family, and other commitments but making the effort to spend time together is important. And once you do get that time alone, he is 100% present.
#4. He understands sex is for two.
Your other half wants to enjoy the lovemaking but he is also interested that you get as much pleasure in the act as he is.
#5. He doesn't get insecure about you not answering his texts or calls.
Sure we all have self-doubt but we are talking about the person who panics when you don't answer calls or texts. It's ok, you have a life and not answering his call does not mean you are hiding from him.
#6. Makes you believe in yourself.
Your true love won't put you down. He loves that you are confident and he will be your biggest cheerleader in life.
#7. He takes care of you when you are sick.
He does not care that you did not bathe yesterday because you had a fever the whole day. He will make your soup, cuddle you, and take you to the doctor to make sure you have a speedy recovery.
#8. He doesn't treat you different around his friends or family.
It doesn't matter if it's just the two of you or if you are around family and friends, he won't act differently. You are important to him and everyone needs to know that.
#9. He's concerned about your life.
He wants to know how your day went. You may think he is tired of hearing about your latest fight with your friend or what happened in the office but he wants to know. He cares about every aspect of your life.
#10. He shows you that he loves you.
Your partner is not afraid to show his vulnerable side. Don't take him saying "I love you," or "I really missed you today" for granted. He says it because you are important to him.
#11. He keeps you level-headed.
If you tend to react with emotion and irrational, your lover will be there to ensure you make the best decision for you.
#12. He listens because he cares what you think.
Your partner values your opinion when making a decision. You don't have to agree on everything but what you say matters.
Source: LifeBuzz


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