Monday, January 23, 2017

Most parents will go above and beyond for their children, no matter what the cost to them and in this case, when I say cost, I am not referring to money.  I am speaking of a cost that is a more physical one. As the dad in this article demonstrates, there is no cost to high to ensure that your child is safe.    
Recently, a photo of a dad carrying his son around in a backpack carrier went viral.  
So what, right? People carry their kids around in carriers all the time, right? Look at this guy — he is carry his kid around and doing laundry.  

But what this other dad did that was so special goes beyond just simply carrying your kid around.  
This hard working father carried his kid and did his job at the same time.  

Although not many facts are known, this dad was racking up praise for knowing exactly where his son was even if that meant carrying him while doing his job.  
Anyone who has had to carry a child for a long period of time knows that this is no easy feat – but this father did it anyway so that he would know that his son was not wandering around or getting lost.  
What do you think about this father carrying his son while he works?  
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