Friday, January 20, 2017

Psychotherapist and mystic Ellen Goldberg reveals the secrets to using palmistry to predict love and marriage.
Think you've found the one? Better consult your hand -- and his!
Goldberg, known as the Wise-Woman Therapist, explains in the video below that two lines reveal information about love and marriage. The first is found on the Mount of Venus, located at the base of the hand below the thumb. The second, nicknamed "lines of affection," or the heart line, is found on the Mount of Mercury under the pinkie.

"Sometimes you see just one very long line, and that would be very lucky. That would mean there is one deep, true love all the life," explains Goldberg, who has a master's in psychology.
According to Goldberg, the line of influence near the Mount of Venus is more accurate for determining when exactly in life one can expect love and affection, and even marriage. To do this, identify the life line between the index finger and thumb, which continues down toward the wrist. Draw an invisible line from the love line to the life line and consider where the love line begins and ends in relation to the life line.
If the line begins close to the thumb, this may indicate affection early in life from friends and family, and not necessarily romantic love. When reading palms, Goldberg will also look at how close the love and life lines are to one another. The closer, the more intimate the relationship.
Palmistry is also used to determine a person's love style. A large Mount of Venus may indicate a person who gives and receives easily. In comparison, flat hands show difficulty in expressing love. According to Cafe Astrology, a fleshy and firm Mount of Venus indicates a love of pleasure and strong sexual nature, while a flabby Mount of Venus reveals a low level of sexual vitality.
As Goldberg says, "If you have a feeling for one of those tall, slender, serious types. Why don't you tell them. Don't wait for them to tell you. They're shy."
When reading a palm, don't forget to consult both hands. The dominant or active hand reveals the direction one's life has taken, while the recessive or passive hand indicates character traits, personality and destiny, according to Psychic Library.
What this means according to Goldberg, is that on a right-handed person, the right hand will show "whose heart will you have an influence upon," and the left hand will reveal "who impresses your heart." If you hold your palms together and the lines match, congratulations! You and your partner love and influence one another equally.
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