Sunday, February 26, 2017

Another innocent animal has to die because of human stupidity. A Chinese man wants to enter a zoo for free so he climbed the zoo fence and fell into a tiger’s den. The result of his actions led not only to his death but to the death of one tiger.

Mr. Zhang from Hubei province was with his wife and children, his co-worker Li and wife at the Yanger Zoo in Ningbo. The women bought tickets for themselves and the kids…
But two men didn’t want to spend extra cash for a $19 entrance fee and opted to climb the zoo fence despite all the warnings.

After passing two 10-foot walls, Zhang ended up in a tiger enclosure and instantly got attacked by a pack of tigers while Li remains on the wall.
Park visitors could only watch in horror as the four tigers mauled Zhang’s body.

Zoo officials came to the rescue and used fireworks and water cannon to scare the tigers away, but one of them was undeterred and continued mauling him.

The tiger then dragged Zhang into the forested area of the enclosure. Special forces had no choice but to kill the animal to save the man.

After an hour of dramatic rescue, Zhang was immediately brought to the hospital but still succumbed to his death because of fatal injuries.

Here’s the actual footage:



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