Sunday, March 12, 2017

Heart attack is a number one reason of death in the United States. It is usually a result of the modern busy lifestyle and unhealthy diets. Read all about its symptoms, how to stop it and prevent it.

One of the symptoms is feeling body weakness and weakened muscles because of the less blood flow and bad circulation. This is usually the first symptom of heart attack, so you have to react quickly if you feel something like this.
If you have a poor blood circulation it means that less blood supply goes to your brain so you could feel dizziness and cold sweats. This is a symptom that can be a reason for a heart attack in the future.

Chest pressure or pain is also a symptom for a heart attack. If the pressure increases, there is even a bigger possibility for heart attack. The pain can also spread to your arms, back and shoulders.
Although people usually do not connect cold or flu with heart attacks, sometimes this can also be a symptom. A lot of people that have survived a heart attack, have claimed that that they have experienced these symptoms.
Fatigue appears as a consequence of decreased blood flow to the heart. The heart cannot get enough blood, so it does not work properly. If you feel tired too often, you should visit your doctor right away.

Another sign of heart attack is a shortness of breath. If you feel this, it means that your lungs do not work properly, so it also means that the heart does not work properly. This is also a symptom of a heart attack that can happen soon.



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