Saturday, April 22, 2017

In this post, we present you a recipe that will strengthen your knees, joints, and ankles, as well as help you eliminate the pain in them resulted of wearing heavy objects, old age, sport injuries, or genes.

Knee pain is one of the worst and unpleasant kind of pains. It makes you weak and helpless, and sometimes even unable to walk. Knees are one of the most important joints in our body since they help us straighten up, sit down, stand up, run, jump, walk, and any other move.

As we age, especially in our 50s, the tendons and ligaments in our knees become less flexible and less mobile due to reduced lubrication. The joints in our body are naturally lubricated, although people are not aware of this ongoing and important process.

A healthy and proper diet can prevent possible knee injuries as it helps improve the joint lubrication. This type of diet can as well improve the strength of damaged joints.

The smoothie recipe we present you today will help you get rid of the aches and pains in the joints. It’s loaded with nutrients- all vitamins and minerals you need, as well as potent anti-inflammatory properties.

It’s high in ingredients that boost the body’s strength and energy like silicon, potassium, vitamin C, magnesium, and bromelain.


          ·        Raw oatmeal – one cup
          ·        Raw, organic orange juice – one cup
          ·        Water – one cup
          ·        Fresh, chopped pineapple – two cups
          ·        Raw honey – 40 gr
          ·        Crushed almonds – 40 gr
          ·        Cinnamon – 7 gr


In a pot of hot water, put the oatmeal and stir until well cooked. Allow the cooked oatmeal to cool. Mix the pineapple and orange juice, and then add the crushed almonds, cinnamon, and honey, and stir well. The mixture should be well mixed, so the best option is to use a blender. Finally, add the cooled oats and stir once again. You can consume this mixture as a smoothie, or combined with ice cubes as a cold drink.

Prepare the smoothie every day and expect your joint aches and pains start disappearing after the fifth day of the treatment.

We recommend you try it as soon as you can in order to feel all of its health benefits.

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