Monday, May 22, 2017

“Take the plunge,” “A leap of faith”, ” Settle down.” These are just some expressions associated with marriage. Indeed, getting married is like figuratively falling or jumping into a permanent situation. But one bride-to-be in Changchun City, China decided to jump off a building and die after getting dumped by her fiance-just days before her wedding!
The unidentified 22-year-old woman was supposed to marry her boyfriend but something terrible happened to their relationship. Apparently, her beloved boyfriend dumped her and married another woman – a day before their supposed-to-be wedding day!
She couldn’t bear the pain and wants to end her life so she wore her wedding dress and sat on the edge of her apartment’s window on the 7th floor.

Photo: Reuters

Her legs were already swinging out of the window. She was determined to end her life as she said she couldn’t live without her fiance.
Several male witnesses rushed to her rescue and they managed to grab her and pulled her back inside the apartment.

Photo: Reuters

She was saved by a community officer named Guo Zhong Fan. A second man went below to hold her feet and assist the rescue.

bride jumping 8
Photo: Reuters

Luckily the woman did not suffer any injuries. She was immediately rushed by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

Photo: Reuters

Hundreds of witnesses watched outside the building as the horrifying attempted suicide scene happened.

cheated bride 5
Photo: Daily Mail

See the dramatic rescue here:



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