Sunday, May 28, 2017

One of the greatest gifts we can receive as a person is the privilege of being a parent. However, many do not consider it that way and only think about their own interests. That is why today we can see people who have children, but do not give them the attention they deserve.
On the other hand, there are those who wish with all their might to become parents, but they do not succeed. Hence many people classify life as unjust .
Someone who could certainly be right to label life as unjust is Jono Lancaster. When their parents found out they would be parents, they were very happy. However, all the joy fizzled when the baby was born. The doctors did not want to show the baby to the mother until she understood what was happening. And it is that his son was born with the syndrome of Treacher Collins , that deforms the face.
Finally the doctors explained the situation to the mother so that she was prepared. However, seeing the child, he could not bear it. Perhaps because of the hormonal decontrol of labor, she did not want to continue seeing the baby. He even called him a beggar and asked the nurse to take him out of his sight . When they informed the father of what had happened, he chose not to see him.
When the mother recovered from childbirth, the doctors gave her discharge, but neither parent took the child. This broke the heart of all medical staff working in the hospital. After several days, the child was transferred to an orphanage where he lived all his childhood .
Every day he got up from the bed and looked at himself in the mirror, wishing he were someone else. This filled him with sadness, seeing as other children were adopted, but nobody noticed him. Jono believed that he would have to spend all his life in the orphanage, since no one would adopt him . However, at age 12, what happened no one would have imagined.

Jono meets his new father

It happens that a very wealthy gentleman used to make large donations to the orphanage. One day he decided to take a walk around to see how they invested their donations. Yet he caught sight of that sad lonely boy in the distance . Immediately the gentleman felt a strong connection with him, so he decided to speak to him.Seeing him close, he could see that his face was disfigured, but that had no effect on the lord. So, after talking to the child for a while, he asked if he wanted to be his son . Jono was very surprised by the proposal, and accepted immediately. So the lord began the paperwork and before long Jono already lived with the lord.
He says that these were the best years of his life, for he was an excellent father. This gentleman was dedicated to inculcate values to Jono and to give a good education to him . The young man says that he could not have had a better father, for the kind of person he is now owes him.

His father dies and leaves him a fortune.

Unfortunately, time later his father ended up dying, so his fortune was inherited by Jono . Today he is 30 years old and has many goals and dreams to pursue. With the education of his father, he got a better understanding of his illness and accepted it as part of himself. In fact, he himself says he does not feel any grudge against his biological parents. Thanks to what they did to him, he had the opportunity to have the best father in the world.
The money that now belongs to him, has used it to pay psychological treatments to others with the same problem . In addition, he has held talks in several countries to help people better understand this syndrome. His girlfriend claims that he is an excellent man with a noble and sincere heart. All of the above has made Jono the motivation of many people everywhere.
We can not doubt the fantastic work that this man is doing for others. It shows that his adoptive father gave him a very good education and guided him on the right path. If you think that we should all redo our mind and we should start to look at the inside of each person instead of the physical, share this story in your social networks .



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