Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Abnormal cells could possibly have DNA damages, but this can in no way cause cancer. The real cause of cancer damaged DNA. Seems crazy, right?

Scientists have been working too hard in the last 1125 years, and they have confirmed several cancer-relate facts.
In 1890, William Russell found that ‘pleomorphic’ microbes “wander” inside and outside the cancer. In other words, pH values inside the cancer affect their size and shape.
In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg made an incredible discovery which brought him the Nobel Prize in Medicine. According to the doctor, low “ATP” energy is the main property of cancer cells. ATP or adenosine triphosphate is made inside the mitochondria.
In 1930, Dr. Royal Rife, a microbiologist, developed “harmonic frequencies” at which microbes are vibrated until they explode and eventually die.
The doctor said that abnormal cancer cells can become normal again only if the microbes inside them are destroyed. This discovery didn’t brought him any reward, and the FDA and AMA destroyed his laboratory.
Wonder why? This magnificent discovery cured 100% of his patients, and this would have brought the Big Pharma to an end.
Synthetic medication bring fat profits, and the pharmaceutical industry does everything in its power to provide a constant income of dollars. The FDA is more like a “private police force” of the Big Pharma.
The mainstream media is here to spice up the deadly conspiracy. We’ve seen reporters praising doctors and manipulating masses. What do cancer patients first after being diagnosed? Almost no patient goes for a natural treatment, and they all end up in the oncologists’ office. So sad.
A group of experts at the Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF) found that microbes in cancer cells can partially inhibit the ATP energy. The non-profit organization developed over 25 all-natural treatments, and each of these was inspired by Dr. Rife.
They build the “High RF Frequency Device” to destroy microbes in cancer cells.
To make things clearer, you have to understand the way in which microbes block the release of ATP energy.
First, let’s go through the process of creating ATP energy in healthy cells.
  1. Glucose receptors “welcome” glucose inside a healthy cell.
  2. Glucose is converted into pyruvate through a 10-step chemical chain reaction.
  3. Pyruvate penetrates the mitochondria.
  4. The “Citric Acid Cycle” or Krebs Cycle” begins.
  5. The second chemical chain reaction, the “Electron Transport Chain” begins as well. This happens half-way through the Citric Acid Cycle. These two create the ATP energy in cells.
Cancer cells have more glucose receptors than healthy cells, but microbes intercept most of the glucose. But, although abnormal cells have more glucose than normal cells, they get less of it.
Cancer cells have lower ATP energy due to low pyruvate content which is caused by the deficiency of glucose.
A group of natural medicine researchers at the Virginia Livingston found that one or more of the microbes present in the cell can actually enter the nucleus.
The DNA of microbes binds to the DNA of healthy cells, which results in modification of the DNA in cancer cells and causes DNA damages. This is the base of every “gene therapy” in conventional medicine. But, keep in mind that DNA damages is not the real cause of cancer. It’s just a symptom.
Some cancer researchers and organizational want us to believe that they work hard in finding he cure for cancer. It turns out that they hope for the opposite.
When it comes to destroying cancer naturally, honey and turmeric make the perfect combination, and this treatment is used under the Dirt Cheap Protocol.
Given that cancer cells have more glucose receptors than normal cells, they are attracted by honey which in turn destroys microbes. But, honey is more powerful when combined with turmeric. It acts as the “Trojan Horse” and brings turmeric inside cancer cells.
Turmeric destroys Helicobacter Pylori, as confirmed in three different studies. The Dirt Cheap Protocol consists of other synergistic methods using honey and turmeric. The powerful duo destroys microbes inside abnormal cancer cells. You can find the Dirt Cheap Protocol on the Cancer Tutor website.
The Royal Rife technology reverses cancer cells in normal cells. The “High RF Frequency Protocol” is available on the website.


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