Sunday, August 6, 2017

In the United States, cancer is the second leading cause of death in women. Some of the cancers that affect women are breast, lung, colon, endometrial, cervical, and lung. Because of certain factors such as age, family history, genetic tendency, and lifestyle, some women have a higher risk of getting cancer than others.
Cancer is a disease that is often diagnosed too late because its symptoms are unnoticed. Even a very healthy woman with no family history and vices can have cancer, so the best defense for cancer is early detection. Read on to find out 15 of the symptoms that most women ignore:
1.) Abdominal pain and depression

This symptom is rare but mostly overlooked. If you have abdominal pain and depression at the same time, it might be due to pancreatic cancer.
2.) Vaginal discharge
One of the symptoms of cervical cancer is foul/smelly vaginal discharge.
3.) Back pain
Back pain is common but not many people know that it may be a symptom of cancer of the brain, bone, liver, breast and many others, especially if the pain has lasted for one month.
4.) Fatigue or weakness
If you are always tired for no reason, it may be a symptom of cancer, especially if combined with any of the other symptoms listed here.
5.) Skin changes
If you notice a mole changing in shape, size, and color, it’s time to go to the doctor.
6.) Heartburn
Heartburn is caused by stress, too much food, and alcohol. You may try changing your diet/lifestyle for a couple of weeks to see if it goes away. If it doesn’t, you may have stomach, esophageal, or ovarian cancer.
7.) Chronic cough, wheezing, chest pain, or shortness of breath
Lung tumors and leukemia can cause symptoms similar to bronchitis or a bad cough. The pain may extend up to the shoulder and even down the arm.
8.) Mouth changes
Smokers should look out for white spots on mouth and lips that are symptoms of oral cancer.
9.) Heavy bleeding or bleeding between periods
Many women reported this to be the first symptom of uterine or endometrial cancer. Get a transvaginal ultrasound from your doctor immediately.
10.) Breast changes
Having breast lumps doesn’t mean you have cancer, but you should go to a doctor. You should also observe the following changes in your breasts: nipples suddenly inverted, nipple discharge, skin dimpling or puckering, and scaliness/redness of the nipples or skin of the breast.
11.) Changes in the nails
Observe for color changes like white or pale beds or a brown/black streak or dot under the nails. These changes on your fingernails and toenails may be an indication of many different cancers.
12.) Blood in stool or urine
This is a symptom of ovarian, colon, bladder, or kidney cancer.
13.) Frequent infections or fever
Unexplained high fever that goes on for days may be a symptom of leukemia or another blood cancer. Consult a doctor ASAP.
14.) Swollen lymph nodes, lumps on the neck, underarms or groin
If you have swollen lymph nodes or it is difficult to swallow solids and liquids, it might be due to a fungal infection. But if it gets worse, you may have cancer of the lymph nodes.
15.) Weight loss
If you suddenly lost weight without trying it may be due to thyroid problems, but it may also be a symptom stomach, pancreatic, or lung cancer.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Knowing these symptoms will save your life!


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