Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hot dogs are widely spread around the world and they can be bought everywhere from different festivals to all kind of sport matches. But doctors say that you should stop feeding your kids with this unhealthy food.

A survey has shown that more than 155 million hot dogs are consumed only on the America’s Independence Day – the 4th of July. This is very concerning issue.
Doctors state the reasons why you should avoid giving your children hot dogs starting immediately.
Consummation of hot dogs with children is linked with the high number of children suffering from leukemia. A research has shown 9% higher risk of getting leukemia if children consume more than a dozen hot dogs monthly. It also shows a fact that there is an increased risk of cancer for the child if the father has also consumed a high number of hot dogs before conceiving.
As for the mother, if she consumes 1 hot dog or more weekly while she is pregnant, it can lead to increased risk of a brain tumor for her child.
The guilt for these severe diseases falls on the nitrite additives that are used in the production in hot dogs, in order to prevent botulism.
While the hot dogs are cooked, the nitrites that are added in them mix and join together with the amines from the meat and create a mixture – N-nitroso, which is highly dangerous and causes cancer.
So our advice is to try avoiding consumption of hot dogs, or if you cannot stop eating them, at least try to lower the number of portion you eat or consume meats than have no nitrite.
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