Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Many humans right away attain for the painkillers on every occasion they revel in a headache, however this is a dangerous addiction which can do a whole lot of damage in your kidneys and health. You should additionally recognize that there are numerous alternative approaches of relieving complications, and one in every of them is acupressure. Acupressure is an ancient form of rub down that is based on putting pressure on sure points inside the frame that consequences in pain remedy.

Although it is a shape of acupuncture and reflexology, acupressure doesn’t require medical knowledge. To carry out it, sit in a comfy role, then practice tender pressure and rub the points you could see under in circular movement for 30 seconds to a minute. The headaches normally disappear among 5-10 minutes afterwards, although it may take greater time at the start. right here are the acupressure factors you need to stimulate for you to relieve headaches:
Yintang factor

The Yintang point, also referred to as the 0.33 eye factor, is placed among the eyebrows on the vicinity in which the bridge of the nostril is going to the the front. The equal point also can put off eye fatigue.
Zhu Zan factor

This factor lies at the base of the inner edge of the eyebrows. Massaging this spot also can relieve nasal secretion and improve visual acuity.
Yingxiang factor

This factor is positioned on each facets of the nostrils in eye peak. find the dimple under the cheekbones and rubdown it to relive headaches, toothache and stress.
Tian Zhu factors

The Tian Zhu points lie on the center part of the back of the head between the ear and at the beginning of the spinal column. Massaging these points can relieve headaches, eye and ear pain, nasal congestion and migraines.
Shuai Gu factors

Those factors may be observed 2-three cm. from the start of the hairline around the temples. they may be lying in small pits – apply strain to this location to relieve your complications and eye fatigue as well.
I Gu factors

These factors are present among the thumb and index finger at the hand. Massaging them can relieve complications, again pain, toothache, and anxiety within the neck muscle tissues.

source and courtesy: healthytipsworld.com


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