Saturday, August 12, 2017

A suicidal man cost the lives of two lions after he suddenly strips naked and jumps into a lion’s cage at Santiago Zoo in a bid to feed himself to the hungry giant cats.
20-year-old Franco Luis Ferrada Roman broke into the enclosure, took off his clothes and forced himself to be eaten by the lions.
Once inside, the lions began to ‘play’ with him before he was savagely mauled in front of horrified visitors including children.

According to Alejandra Montalva, the zoo the director, she said:
It is also reported that the young man made religious proclamations while he was being attacked by the animals.
Cynthia Vasquez, a witness to the incident, said: “He entered the enclosure from above and the lions started to play with him, and then after they attacked him and was shouting things about Jesus.”
Another witness added: “There were a lot of children there, and parents covered their eyes while it was going on. He was screaming religious things.”
At this point, zookeepers intervened and shot the two African lions to death in order to save the man’s life.
Watch this report:

The man who was said to be in grave condition was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment but it was later reported that his life is no longer in danger and will recover sooner.
Dr Sebastian Ugarde of Indisa Clinic said:
It is just sad that they had to put those lions down just for the sake of a man who clearly wanted to die. Lions aren’t always that ferocious unless we provoked them to be. In this case, it is clear who’s at fault. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below. 
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