Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Pictures like the ones you are about to see have been surfacing more and more lately, as artists around the world feel compelled to respond to some of the ugliness they see in the world.
While it may be true that artists who truly have the courage to share their thoughts on important social issues are rare, it’s great to see their emergence becoming more frequent. Even in the music industry, there has been a rise of artists who have something to say and want it to be heard by the masses. Since the majority of artists are not in this space and the ones do speak out are met with resistance, it’s inspiring to see someone push through and speak their truth.
Last year we shared some similar images and they were seen by millions, as people clearly resonated with them deeply. Some of the images below are done by artist Luis Quiles and others by Steve Cutts.
The art below draws on a wide range of controversial issues ranging from objectification of women and political abuse of resources to war and power, social media, religion, and more.
These images may strike an unpleasant chord with some of you, but that’s okay. These are aspects of our world that we need to address. My recommendation when viewing this art is to take your time and be open, as it is of course open to interpretation. Please remember that art is open to subjective interpretation and reflects only one person’s view of the world. Feel free to share your take on the illustrations in the comment section below!
2. Obesity in one direction, starvation in another
3. Anything for more dollars
4. Once again…
5. Cell phone-obsessed culture
6. Money as a means for opportunity
7. Submissive and closed-minded society
8. Thirst for oil
9. Rooted in virtual worlds

Viewer discretion is advised.

10. The oppression of women in religion
11. Selling ourselves for attention
12. Objectification of women
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