Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Whoever has suffered from a earache, knows how hellishly painful it can be. I can personally remember when I was younger and had a middle ear infection, and there was seemingly nothing that could help. Not even clenching my teeth helped, the pain was simply to much.

Of course at some point the antibiotics would kick in and alleviate the pain. But this doesn't always happen. There are also those who deny themselves many of the pharmaceutical products because of the amount of side effects. Therefore, this idea is genius, because you can fight your earache with salt.
Other than salt, we need white socks. This is important because otherwise they stand the chance of discolouring. 

It is important that the salt is coarse sea salt. It should be the rough grains so that they don't trickle out of the sock. And it needs to be sea salt because of the particular chemical composition. 1 - 1.5 cups should be enough.

The salt goes - as expected - in the socks. To do this, you should roll the edge of the sock inside out, or use a funnel when filling, so that nothing come out. 

The socks should be closed tightly, preferably with a double-knot.

The end packet should be roughly the size of the palm of your hand.

Then place the entire thing in a pan on medium heat. 4-6 minutes in total should be long enough. It's best when the sock is regularly turned, so that it doesn't get hot. Alternatively, you could heat the socks in the microwave. This is however, problematic because the salt doesn't get evenly warmed and it's difficult to judge how long the socks should remain in the microwave. Secondly, the sock fabric is damaged and has the possibility to tear. Therefore, you should place the sock in the microwave for 5 second intervals, which is seemingly time-consuming. The  method in the pan is much better. 

Now you need to carefully test with your hand, how warm the sock is, so that the patient doesn't burn their ear. Or wait a bit before use. The sock should be placed on the ear and should also cover a part of the jaw bone. The pain alleviation should work within minutes. Great.

The natural pain relief is wonderful for children and works straight away for everyone. 
Share this idea for children and adults who have been relieved of their pain, and allow them to regain some comfort.



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