Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Do you have a tendency of throwing away cans after they've been used? To most people cans appear to be trash but with a little thinking outside the box they can actually be transformed into useful storage containers that can help keep you organized.

The perfect storage solution

Use mod podge to adhere cookbook pages or scrapbook pages onto your cans for a unique look. These storage solutions can be used for the office, kitchen or simply to store some fresh flowers.

Pin Cushion Can

Stop losing your pins and keep them all in one place by making your own pin cushion with some fabric, poly-fil and glue. Learn exactly how, here.

Use them for towel storage

If your can is big enough, use it to conveniently hold your bathroom towels. Learn morehere.

Keep your ribbons in one place

Punch some holes into a can, give it a fresh coat of paint and turn it into a storage space for ribbon. See the details here.

Upcycled Desk Storage

Glue your containers onto a flat wood board and spray paint the entire piece the color of your choice for an easy and useful desk storage. Find the full details here.

Craft Storage Board

Use a drill to secure the cans onto a board or hot glue heavy duty magnets onto the cans to easily remove the cans when you need to use them.

Keep those coffee and tea canisters

Often times coffee and tea canisters come in big containers that are nice enough to reuse as storage for other items. Clean them out and learn how to give them a new look here.
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Keep your herbs in one place

Basil, cilantro, parsley... you name it and it can be stored within a tin can. Just drill the cans onto a wooden post. It's that simple and it'll keep all your herbs in one convenient place.

Paint-Dipped Craft Containers

Dip your tin glasses halfway into paint to create a simplistic design that you can use to store crafting materials. It doesn't get any easier than that.

Hanging Storage

Drill a hole into a tin can and use an S-hook to conveniently hang it onto a rod. This will help keep your desk area free of clutter and therefore allow you to have more work space.

Tuna Can Drawer Organizer

After cleaning out those tuna cans they're surprisingly useful with their small and flat shape. They fit perfectly within drawers to keep smaller desk items nice and organized.

Paint Can Cubbies

Turn a paint can onto its side to turn it into a convenient cubby for letters or mail.

Stackable Storage

Wrap paint cans in a brightly colored print and then glue the paint cans together into a pyramid shape for the perfect desk organization.

Or line them up on a wooden plank

Ordinary cans on a wooden plank are surprisingly useful and they don't cost you much money at all!
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Hanging hairbrush storage

Wrap your can in a fun print and add a command strip to the back of it for a really useful storage compartment for your hairbrush.
can brush holder with command strip
brush holder from side

Turn big tins into handy storage buckets

Add handles to the sides to give them a store-bought look. Then simply cover with a few coats of spray paint for adorably useful storage buckets.
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Dog Food Can

Give decorative holiday canisters a new look for your four legged friends. This is a great way to store the pets food in a cute can. dogfoodtin-collage

Burlap and lace

Transform a plain can into a dainty piece by wrapping it in burlap and lace for a fresh and chic look.

Tin Can Carrying Case

Paint all of your cans and a flat wood plank, attach the cans to the flat wood plank (which should stand upright in the center) and add a leather strap to the top of the wood plank for a convenient way to bring out utensils for your next party. It's so convenient!

Start a can collection

Just because the contents inside of a can have been eaten doesn't mean that your cans are useless. Start your own collection and make some adorable and useful containers that will keep you organized.


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