Thursday, January 28, 2016

Yarn has been a staple in the knitting world for many years.  However, there are tons of new ways to spice up your world with these yarn-based projects, no sewing required!  

It's A Yarn World

Yarn crafts produce awesome results and the best part is, they're super easy to do! These projects require minimal knowledge of the craft world, making them fun for anyone to try out. If you are an avid knitter, these are great ideas for your leftover pieces of yarn. Yarn comes in many different colors and textures, making it very versatile. Start creating and watch your world become more colorful! 

Planting Some Yarn

In a world of beige, terra cotta pots could use a colorful update! These yarn wrapped pots are perfect for wedding favors, a house warming gift, or a fun craft with your little ones. Check out Celebrations At Home for a step by step guide to create them! 

Mod Wall Decor

Why go out and buy a wall hanging when you can create your own? This project can be customized to your design style and looks great in any room! Don't get overwhelmed by all of the yarn, Homey, Oh My! takes the project step-by-step to ensure your creation comes out perfect. 

It's No Longer Just A Cat's Toy

Next time you're decorating for a party, look no further than this tutorial from P&G Everday! These yarn balls make the perfect addition to a festivity. You can make them big or small and in any color your heart desires, they even make great ornaments for a Christmas tree! 

Ball O' Yarn

Another take on yarn balls as decor comes from Hostess With The Mostess. The final product can be used to decorate just about anywhere in the home! You will love this simple craft and be utilizing it for every occasion. 

The Monogram Way Of Life

Monogram letters are great for a housewarming gift or a newlywed couple! This simple tutorial elevates cardboard letters with the texture and fun colors of yarn. Find out how to create these at the Sarah Ortega blog. 

A Teeny Tiny Teepee

A miniature teepee?! This adorable craft comes together in no time! Finding sticks might be the hardest part of this project, but the search is part of the fun! Make sure to use only battery operated candles to prevent any fires inside your home. See all of the steps on Zing Zing Tree.

Yarn Wrapped Lamp

Lampshades can become dingy and outdated, but with some yard and glue you have an easy upgrade! This project went with an ombre color scheme and it makes such a difference.  Vintage Revivals will teach you how to try it out at home. 

Unique Walls

Adding depth and texture to your walls might seem like a job for a professional... until now! It will create a fun and whimsical feel to your walls. Simply secure the yarn to the paint roller, wrap it in multiple directions, and get to painting! 

A New Take On Bed Skirts

Add a little whimsy to the bedroom with this DIY yarn tassel bed skirt! Turning the yarn into a tassel is an easy process, you'll catch on quickly. Tatertots and Jello provides a great tutorial for creating this fun piece.

The Key To Color

Trying to figure out which key opens what plagues many people! Color coding your keys is a great way to tell them apart. With a few simple steps from Creme De La Craft, you'll be able to customize each key to your liking. 

Upcycled Decor

Throwing away glass bottles is wasteful when there are lots of ways to re-use them for decor in your home! These yarn-wrapped bottles are great for centerpieces or decoration. Try adding on embellishments, like flowers or rhinestones! 

No More Slipping

Wire hangers bring down the appeal of any closet. This tutorial, via Brit + Co, brings new life to wire hangers AND makes them non-slip! The trick is to stack multiple wire hangers to create a thicker base. 

Brighten Up Your World

These projects with yarn produce so many colorful upgrades in any home! It's no longer just for crocheting and knitting, yarn has taken the craft world by storm. These ideas are budget-friendly, require minimal knowledge and are fun to do. Fill your world with color, one yarn craft at a time! 


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