Wednesday, January 27, 2016

We have all seen some pretty impressive DIY projects, am I right? Not only do these beauties turn any space into a statement, but they really can be made by none other than YOU! 
Now, don't get me wrong. I am not saying they are all easy-peasy afternoon projects. Some are harder than others, and some may need some extra elbow grease, but these are some seriously impressive projects of taking everyday objects and creating something truly special.

Chair Swing

This looks like it could easily be my happy place. Get more info on this sweet swing here

Church Pew Headboard

Check out this super sweet bedroom decor! Find out how to make your own here

Milk Crate Side Board

No budget for a new side board? No problem! Get more info on this project here

Old Book Room Separator

With a few two-by-fours, you can have your own! Learn more about this clever partisan here

Bathtub Sofa

How cute is this fun sofa creation? Further info on this beauty can be found here

Phone Booth Lounger

A bit trickier than the rest, but oh so fun! Get more info about this statement piece here

Cable Reel Desk

Now that is one awesome work space! Find more photos of this cool desk here

Clothes Hanger Divider

With a little patience, and a few trips to the dollar store... Get more information about this cool installation here

Bread Box Electronic Charger

This would be awesome to have! You can find more info on this project here

Bottle Chandelier

Now THAT is what I call a statement piece! Learn all about this clever kitchen project by going here

Shopping Cart Chair

Comfy and upcycled. Our kind of chair.

Pallet Bed

How sweet and rustic this little find is. What an adorable addition to any kiddo's room!

Console Table Book Shelf

Thrift store tables and some paint. I can do that! Get more info on this cool creation here

Tire Coffee Table

A great addition to any man cave or bachelor pad! Get more info here

Magazine Stool

How cool is this little stool! Learn more about this seriously stylish stool here

Bike Tire Chair

Now that is creative! Find out more on this funky project here

Grocery Cart Sitting Area

Not your everyday sitting area, get creative with this project! More information can be found on this set here
Now, how cool are those everyday items, turned funky and unique with just a few tweaks? 

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