Saturday, March 12, 2016

Belly fat is something that most people would love to get rid off. The desire to have a flat and tight abdomen with a nice tone is in much demand.
Not too many of us however would love to do difficult and strenuous exercises. You may need to try a simple exercise that does not require you to work out like a professional athlete.
So what is this exercise?
The Plank is this special 60 seconds exercise.
When doing the exercise your entire body weight is placed on your toes and hands while the rest of your body will be as flat as a wooden plank. This is where the exercise derives its name. You have to ensure that your body does not move one bit.
When you do this exercise properly your abdomen muscles will be made tight and you will have a flat belly in no time as you burn the fat there.
This exercise will also relieve your back pain as your stomach muscles have a direct influence on your entire body posture also.
Do this exercise properly
You need to ensure that your body is in the best initial posture to ensure that you get the best out of this exercise.
Try following these instructions;
  • Keep your neck and shoulders straight as you place your hands on the ground.
  • Even though you are working on your abs when doing this exercise you are expected to have a hot feeling in your legs. This will occur when you place enough pressure on your toes by positioning your heels in a manner for such to happen. Your tight muscles will be tensed as well, you should then try and activate the muscles in your lower region by contracting your buttocks muscles.
  • Ensure that your buttocks is straightened out, do not raise it up.
  • Your body has to be flat on the floor and not at an angle forming a sort of triangle.
  • Try to breathe at an even pace as this will help you maintain this posture longer.
  • You can try this trick as a way of maintaining this posture for as long as possible -- just imagine that you have a glass of water placed on your back and your life depended on that glass of water remaining intact.
  • Once you have maintained this posture you are just about ready to work out on this simple exercise.
  • Now firmly place your hands and knees on the ground, still make sure your back is flat -- remember the glass of water?!
  • Make sure your shoulders are slightly wide apart. Ensure that you keep your neck and spine straightened out.
  • Your head must be aligned with your back, then ensure that your right foot is firmly place on the ground putting pressure on your toes. Switch your leg and repeat, this time on your left foot and toes.
  • You are getting this exercise correctly if you feel your entire body weight is placed on your toes and hands.
  • You should then contract your abdomen muscles and maintain this posture for about 60 seconds.
  • Place your knees on the ground after 60 seconds and relax.
Try this exercise thrice in quick concession to maximise the benefits of it and after a few weeks of regular exercising you will notice an immediate tone to your abdomen.


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