Monday, August 22, 2016

You Should Drink 8 Glasses Of Water A Day:
The recommended quantity of water per day is at least 8 glasses. It’s also very important how you drink it, but it’s overall health beneficial.
If You Drink Water Standing It Splashes The Stomach Wall
If you frequently drink water while standing it can have some serious health complications. It splashes the stomach walls and as time passes by it harms your stomach and hinder the digestive process.
Your Kidneys Filter Better In A Sitting Position
When you’re in a sitting position the kidneys actually function much better. Therefore, you should always sit down when you drink water.
Drink The Water In Small, Slow Sips
Even if you feel like you can drink a gallon of water at once remember to always drink it slowly. Especially when you’re extra thirsty.
Drinking While Standing Can Cause Nerve Tension
If you feel nervous and tense maybe it’s because you’re not drinking water right. Drinking while standing can lead to nerve tension so always try to drink water sitting down.
Drinking While Standing Can Cause Indigestion
One more reason why you should drink water sitting down. If you frequently drink it standing up it can lead to indigestion.
Drinking Water While Standing Will Not Satisfy You
Maybe it won’t make a difference at the moment but making a habit out of drinking water off your feet can lead to serious health problems.


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