Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Daniel asked a lot of girls to homecoming, but unfortunately was turned down left and right. At 17-years-old, Daniel knows that his Down Syndrome is a challenge for others, and as a result he has felt stigmatized by peers.
It would be Kylie, a 10th grader, who decided to step up to the plate and ask Daniel to go to homecoming! Turns out Kylie is different than other students in that she doesn’t believe that kids with challenges or disabilities are different from anyone else.
Daniel’s mother was shocked at the gesture by Kylie. She loved how Kylie refused to see that a “disability” should define Daniel. The local news were also moved by this wonderful girl and decided to surprise them!
Check out this wonderful video!

Yes, they were escorted in a Rolls! Down the red carpet the two superstars walked and they ended up having a spectacular night!
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