Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Police dogs are not just an ordinary pooch, they need special food in order to be physically fit for their daily duties. But a Municipal Treasurer in Silao Mexico thought feeding police dogs cost too much and removed their special menu, leaving the poor dogs flesh and bone.

Municipal treasurer Rodolfo Guerrero Duran is responsible for starving a K-9 unit.

According to him, his action is based on the current budget of the city, which means they can’t pay for such expensive food.
This is how a healthy K-9 dog should look like…
However, the images below suggest that the K-9s have not been fed for weeks.
The dogs’ current state is truly alarming, their bodies are almost bones and are barely able to walk by themselves.

This unacceptable and disgraceful treatment on the K-9 unit led to a petition to relieve and punish the city treasurer for starving the police dogs.
According to Daily Petition:


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