Thursday, May 25, 2017

We are always advised to stay at home and rest if we felt something is wrong with our body, especially with having an upset stomach. But some of us sometimes ignore this advice for various reasons, some are important yet most of it are not.

Being a weak child before (still a bit weak now I’m older, LOL!), I also have a weak stomach, so I learn not to take chances going out with a rumbling tummy. And to prove not to disregard your distressed belly, here’s some disgusting images of a party girl who unloaded poops all over the floor of a nightclub that has been circling around the web.
Warning: You may find these images disgusting, gross and embarrassing!

Facebook user Lazy Masky uploaded these photos on Sunday, May 17, he said: “the girl can’t hold those crap and let it loose on the floor.”

It seems the woman was suffering from loose bowel movement or diarrhea but chooses to attend a party anyway…

Finally, nature strikes back, her tummy started to get wilder than the party and when she can’t hold it, boom!

Poop scattered all over the floor, this party girl officially became a PARTY POOPER literally!

Honestly, this is not funny, it’s gross and embarrassing. Let this be a lesson to everyone to avoid self-induce humiliation knowing that you have an upset stomach and still push through with lesser important event than take care of yourself.


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